Olfactory Revelation

O.R. by Isabelle Burdel

Isabelle Burdel, reknown perfumer, creates bespoke fragrances.

She transcribes emotions of personalities who care for impressing uniqueness upon their signature scent.

Some encounters are exceptional.

A personality was taken unaware by the quality and creativity of the bespoke fragrance composed for her. The alchemy of remarkable materials, cast unrestrainedly in unusual, reverberates with the intangible traits of a person that she manages to render tangible.

From these years of exchange and composition was born the desire to share an exceptional collection.

O.R. diminutive for O.lfactory R.evelation. Two invaluable initials, O and R echo to

the wealth of olfactory notes imbued with the finest raw materials.

O.R. presents 9 distinct creations in 2 sizes: 45 and 90 ml

As well as a discovery set of 9 sprays 2 ml

The fragrances are created and produced in Grasse - France.