Story of the brand

Isabelle Burdel is a French perfumer- designer, a nose.

After her 1988 graduation from ISIPCA (International Institute of Perfumery), a school renowned for training great perfumers, Isabelle Burdel was hired by Rochas — then in Grasse— as a perfumer-designer.

In 2005, she opted for independence and the freedom to leave the confines of the luxury industry to offer the best of her art. She founded her own company, “Salon Privé Parfums”, on the French Riviera in Cannes. Isabelle Burdel marries the luxury of the unique with the art of tailor-made creation for individuals. She serves exclusive private clients who seek a unique perfume designed as an olfactory portrait.

In 2018, she celebrated 30 years in the profession by creating her own perfume brand: “Isabelle Burdel”. In the vein of an author releasing a personal diary, the perfumer makes public creations from her private collection. These perfumes created over the course of her career are true olfactory portraits. Thus, the perfumer-designer unveils: “La Française”, “La Délicieuse”, “L’Indocile”, “L’Inspirante” and lastly, “L’Héroïque”.

Bold, original and made in France, the line is composed of feminine, masculine, and mixed olfactory portraits.

Oblivious to the demands of marketing, these perfumes free of synthetic colouring agents are presented in plain flasks. The perfumer wants the quality of the creation and the rare and natural raw materials to take centre stage.
The flask shows the “perfumer's organ” with which Isabelle has created all her perfumes from the very beginning. The organ represents her signature and invites scent enthusiasts to enter the magical world of French perfumery.

The line by perfumer-designer Isabelle Burdel exudes authenticity, creativity, and unequalled French know-how.